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Sway Media is a social media consulting group that has built a network of over 200M Instagram users, using this following to influence, brand, market and advertise for hundreds of companies and individuals looking to grow their social following, as well as to sell their products. Our growth hacking system consistently produces monumental social development. We specialize in unbolting your brand's opportunity to thrive. Our system can massively increase your sales & app downloads, build your brand, and explode your social platform, which holds significant monetary value in today's digital world.

          Nick & Drew

         Nick & Drew


The experts

Nick Ravid and Drew Lauinger founded Sway Media in March of 2016 after many companies had come to be increasingly interested in buying ad space within the Instagram accounts that Drew and Nick had been growing as a hobby. Nick and Drew run Sway together out of their apartment in Ann Arbor, Mi.


Growth Experts

Nick & Drew are social media growth hackers who've mastered the art of Instagram growth down to a science. They've built Instagram accounts that have accumulated followings into the tens of millions during their careers on the platform. 

E-Commerce Expertise

Nick & Drew both have extensive experience in e-commerce and have personally generated nearly half a million dollars in online revenue in under a year, advertising exclusively through social media . They understand exactly what it takes to quickly scale an online business through digital marketing and paid media systems.



Nick & Drew have worked closely with hundreds of successful companies including SuperStroke Golf, Strideline Socks and Fashion Nova, and have ran ad campaigns for viral social influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tai Lopez, and many others. They understand what it takes to build and maintain a successful social media brand.


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